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SMSGhana.NET is Employing!

As part of our measures to remain at the top spot of the mobile messaging market in Ghana, we are increasing our staffing strength and also recruiting more computer programmers to join the team. We are quickly expanding and bringing more innovation to sms solutions as this is the major tool Africans have ....

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Advance Website Development

We design advanced website which comes with SEO and social networking capability for businesses and organisations.

Custom SMS Technology

SMSGhana.NET deploy sms billing and service promoting application for businesses.

Why SMSGhana.NET?

SMSGhana.NET is Ghana leading mobile messaging platform. We are the only mobile messaging development start-up whose technology is developed and managed here in Ghana. Our innovative team of programmers is constantly developing mobile messaging platforms & solutions for companies and organizations as GSM penetration in Africa has become the major tool for information dissemination.

SMSGhana.NET provides solutions to send and receive SMS messages using the internet through:

  • Desktop Applications – SMSentric 1.0.2
  • SMSGhana.NET Web site
  • Mobile Phones


  • Our team is among the brightest in Africa. We can virtually get any mobile application or solution implemented for your company or organization.
  • We cover 200 countries and over 700 networks globally.
  • Our SMS unit prices are the lowest in Ghana
  • Our services are very reliable and can support high traffic density. We can support more than 1,000,000 messages daily.
  • Highly intuitive and sociable SMS platform. On your platform, you can create sub accounts for the different departments in your company or organization. These separate accounts can then be managed and monitored by the parent account.
  • Fund your online sms accounts using regular mobile phone careers like MTN, Zain, Vodafon etc.
  • We currently have more than 200,000 phone contacts on our different SMS Opt-in list. You can broadcast your advertisement easily to these lists using the web-based platform.